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Best of Mud  Wrestling
Best of Mud  Wrestling
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Catfight Video Series Descriptions

Foreign Film Catfights #9All videos are on DVD or VHS Tape

30 min. to 2 hours in length. 

In dura cases with color covers as shown.

Campus Catfights: Friday Nite FratsCampus Catfights contain gorgeous, sexy topless and nude babes brawling before a live crowd of cheering frat boys.  Some lesbian action included.

Female Fight Club: Riot in the RingFemale Fight Club is real amateur fighting. Females  from the audience are given gloves and gear and then let loose.  These matches really are a riot in the ring.

Greatest TV CatfightsGreatest TV Catfights are culled from TV dramas, soaps, news reports, talk shows and more from all over the globe.

Girl Next DoorGirl Next Door is amateur, outdoor wrestling before a live crowd.  Local gals mix it up in mud, coleslaw and corn. Tops go flying as the crowd goes nuts.

South American CatfightsSouth American Catfights contain luscious topless, Latin lovelies fighting over their job at the shipping firm and the man they both want all to  themselves.  Mui caliente!

Real Street CatfightsReal Street Catfights contain real fights from parks, nightclubs, studios, talk shows and much more. A very popular series.

A Day At The SalonA Day At The Salon is shot entirely on location at a hair salon. And Amy just wanted to get her hair done... Contains nudity.

European Catfights #6 -- ToplessEuropean Catfights contain wild amateur fights with beautiful girls in various situations. Great action.  Some topless.   Highly popular

Greatest Movie CatfightsGreatest Movie Catfights contain rare and famous catfight scenes from the movies. IFCs and majors are represented, as well as XXX & obscure gems from the past.

Foreign Film CatfightsForeign Film Catfights are rare, wild, mostly unseen movie catfight scenes from all over the globe  Very popular.

Portugal CatfightsPortugal Catfights contain real raw fighting between 2 of the cameraman's former girlfriends.  Lucky for us, they agreed to fight before him in his garage while he filmed it.

Russian CatfightsRussian Catfights are awesome, intensely fierce brawls between young and athletic, yet untrained females in various situations.

Special RequestsSpecial Requests Catfights are compiled from your most requested scenes.  One of our most popular video series.

Extreme CatfightingExtreme Catfighting where beautiful women go at each other in the brutal world of reality combat.  Banned in all 50 states and filmed at a secret location.

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