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Frequently Asked Questions

What format are your videos?
DVD or high quality MP4 Downloads.
How big are the MP4 downloads?
File sizes vary by duration. Most 1 hour videos are about 1GB.
How long does a download take?
It depends on your connection speed. For a 1GB file on a fast connection, as little as 15-20 seconds. On slower connections, a minute or more.
Can I order multiple videos in one transaction?
Certainly. Add as many items to your shopping cart as desired.
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For downloads, after Checkout you'll be directed to a page containing your download links.
RC Downloads Page
How will my DVD order be shipped?
All DVD orders are promptly sent in plain wrappers via First Class US or International Mail.
How much is shipping?
Downloads - Free

USA - Free standard shipping.
International orders - $5 per video.
Express shipping is available for an extra $15 and usually cuts delivery time half.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept major credit cards: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express; PayPal; personal checks; bank checks; money orders.
Can I send cash payments?
Yes, you may send cash but please mail it CERTIFIED mail if possible. We also accept foreign currency at no extra charge. 
Can I order & pay by mail for Downloads?
Yes. After we receive your payment, we will send you download link(s) by email. Be sure to include your email address with your order.
How soon will I receive my order?
Downloads are available instantly after purchase. DVD orders usually take 1 to 5 business days. International mail orders normally take 5-7 business days.
How can I get a catalog of your products?
Online, this web site contains our entire up-to-the-minute video catalog.
Will my name be added to your mailing list?
When you order products, your name is automatically entered into our customer database. We regularly send out flyers announcing new products and special discounts that are not available elsewhere. Our list is NOT SOLD or shared with other companies.
How can I join your mailing list?
Use the convenient form below.
Phone: 310-397-0051
Mail: USA Publications * PO Box 66734 * Los Angeles, CA USA
Can I be removed from your mailing list?
Sure. Simply request removal along with your name & address.  We won't send you any more mail.
What is your refund policy?
As per the industry standard in video sales, all sales are final. Once you receive your product, we cannot accept returns unless it's defective — in which case we will happily replace it for free. In the case of downloads, if there is any problem, contact us and we will correct it.
Do you have a question that's not covered here?
Use our convenient contact form below.
Phone: 310-397-0051
Mail: USA Publications * PO Box 66734 * Los Angeles, CA USA