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European Catfights Video #14
Anna and Yulia: First the stare down, then the tall blond and brunette go at it in a stinging slap fight with tit punching.

Julia and Misha have a hands on-the-hips stare down before exploding into a micro-skirt- grabbing, out-of-control slapping brawl. If you like screaming, screeching punching and kicking between the legs, you'll see that and more.

Schoolgirl catfighting at its best: Olga and Yulia grab fistfuls of each other's uniforms and pull each other until their faces are just inches apart. Once on the floor they intertwine legs and moan and groan and get in some nice spanking. Each girl struggles to dominate with stinging face slapping that turns into a desperate slapping match that seems to finish and then starts all over again. These girls just won't give up! One of the most spiteful and intense fights you'll ever see.

Match #4 is simple. Hair pulling, punching, kicking and vicious slaps to the face from Yulia and Miki, while Miki's friend yells encouraging words from the sidelines. After 2 rematches, one of them breaks down crying and gets knocked out.

Finally, wearing swimsuits and tank tops, Olga and Tia don't like each other and it shows as they go at it in this all out 'girlie fight'. Wild out-of-control slapping and kicking is the order of the day. You'll see some very intense catfighting that ends in exhaustion. Yup. It's all here. 60 minutes, color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO14
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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