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European Catfights Video #16
Monica and Yulia get into each other's face then tangle and fall to the floor in a heap while struggling to dominate each other. Do you like face and breast clutching? They do. In round 2 their life and death struggle continues with audible grunting and heavy breathing.

When 2 girls want to fight you let them. Katia and Lena need 3 rounds of breast to breast hair pulling and headlocks to finish their rivalry. Lena gets Katia in a headlock so tight Katia screams for her to let go. They remain intertwined until they fall from exhaustion.

A man ties Anna and Josie back-to-back with rope and when they are fastened they are told to fight each other. You'll see some of the most unusual backward kicking, slapping and hair pulling ever.

Then topless battlers, Yulia and Tina, engage in an intense ass grabbing, tit twisting and wrestling fight that ends with a bizarre leg fight on the sofa.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO16
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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