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European Catfights Video #18
Talk about variety, this video has it and more.

In the first battle, Yulia and Sasha go at it on the floor with their skirts riding up their bodies exposing their bare asses. Legs fly everywhere as they roll over one another trying to gain control.

Ann and Yulia get into a 2 fisted hair-pulling match. Ann gives up after getting kicked in her side. In round 2 Yulia seems intent on taking Ann's dress off. At one point she has it riding up to her chest. After Ann gives up a 2nd time she is determined to win in the 3rd round. She resorts to vicious hair pulling which Yulia swiftly returns. They struggle body to body until Ann finally realizes she can't win.

Dressed in short shorts Olga and Terri go at each other like hellcats with hair pulling and face clawing. They end the first round gasping for breath. Next a new tactic: A double handed grab of the face. It works! As does a knee to the face. Olga finally is trashed by Terri and lies totally beaten and demoralized on the floor. Round 3 has both girls muttering insults under their breath amid the screeching and grunting. Violent head and neck twisting is the mission of both girls. Terri bangs Olga's head into the floor and she finally gives up in one of the most intense few minutes ever.

Do pretty women in bras and identical short skirts turn you on? With Terri and Alma you have that plus fighting. The spandex skirts ride almost up to the neck during the fight. Terri works over Olga until she punks out. High intensity catfight.

Yulia and Delia like to kick. So you know what? They do. They get some good shots in and that's not all. They're pretty good at slapping and hair pulling too. Yulia finally sits on Delia and that does it. 60 sensational minutes of pure catfighting emotion. Color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO18
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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