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European Catfights Video #20
Mary Z. takes on Mary M. a classic blond vs. brunette match up. Attired in sexy swimsuits they wrestle each other to the floor and apply pressure until blond Mary screams to stop. They go at each other again and blond Mary screams again to stop. A kicking fight ensues. Blond Mary turns the tables and wins the match by pining her opponent.

Mary Z. goes against Nastya in tightly cut swimsuits. Nastya is nasty when she gets on top of Mary and presses all her weight on her. If you like girls screaming when they fight, here it is.

Ksusha and Mary Z. tangle in hand and bear locks trying to get each other down. They get in some good slapping and kicking, too until Ksusha gets Mary down. When they go at it again, it becomes a slapfest with a hair pulling battle and red marks all over each other. Vicious and intense.

Nastya and Mary Z. go at it for a short, but hard fight that has the top come off one of the fighters revealing 2 large breasts.

Yulia and Mary Z. roll over and over with neither able to get control. Sexy Yulia in her 2 piece suit grabs the advantage only to be overpowered by Mary. They continue to go back and forth until Yulia wins out and tells Mary to kiss her ass.

Mary Z. and Yulia P. get into a good old fashioned wrestling match. They throw each other around the room over and over which culminates in a surprise ending.

Leggy blond Anna attacks Mary Z. and twists her up on the floor. She pulls her arms over her head almost breaking them. She then gets on Mary's back and pounds her face into the floor until she utterly cries out for her mommy.

Lena is the next opponent for Mary Z. and Mary is out for revenge for the beatings she has taken. Lena is willing and aggressive, but Mary is determined. Mary finally drapes her body over Lena and locks both her arms and legs and wins the fight. 8 matches, 60 min. Color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO20
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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