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European Catfights Video #28
Seven exciting matches with a number of women highlight this edition. Carla and Yulia get this started off with a squeezing, body entangling brawl that flies from on side of the room to the other. Carla's long ponytail keeps getting pulled by a vicious Yulia and Carla retaliates by grabbing at Yulia. They toss each other around until one is able to subdue the other.

Yulia then takes on Enya. Leg scissors, bear hugs and bodies flopping on bodies are the attacks used here. Swimsuits inch up their asses as they pull on the skimpy fabric. They fall to the floor and get up time after time in order to gain control of the other. Yulia tries to squeeze the life out of Enya and almost succeeds.

Sexy, long-legged, blond Kristen has the temper of a hellcat. She goes after Julia with a fury. They exchange headlocks and leg locks and tangle up like a pretzel. Julia is determined to take the blond down (she hates blonds) and her scowls tell all. Because neither girl was happy with the result of their first match, Kristen and Julia decide to fight again. This time Kristen gains the advantage before Julia gets mad and turns the tables. This leads to a surprise finish with both girls beaten and exhausted.

Ola dresses in a bikini when she takes on Yulia. Yulia is jealous of Ola's body and makes a point of attacking it. Flesh rubs against flesh until a winner is decided.

Blondie Kristin wants a piece of Ola and gets it. Kristin looks just like the new wave of Russian tennis players, but she is a fighter not a volleyer. They trade serves in this brief, but intense fight.

Ola and Julia finish this edition. They go for close body to body contact and face to face contact. Squealing away they fight as if their lives depend on it. Out of breath, one finally submits to the other.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO28
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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