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European Catfights Video #29
Two leggy beauties, Marta and Ida, take on each other in a breathless match. They rub their bodies together like two cats in heat. Legs and arms flying into each other as their swim suits start to slip off. Some vicious breast grabbing through swimsuits is countered by trying to squeeze the life out of the other with leg scissors. A winner is determined when one girl falls from exhaustion.

Yulia starts slapping immediately and Jena returns the favor. They start grabbing hair and skin and anything they can get a hold of. Yulia grabs Jena's swimsuit bottom and pulls up as hard as she can. Jena retaliates by taking handfuls of Yulia's hair and pulls until she screams for mercy. Yulia and Jena decide to fight again except this time they go at each other with more intensity if that's possible. There's more slapping and hair pulling and they really seem intent on hurting each other. Then a shocking thing happens. Marta jumps into the fight and it quickly becomes a 2 on 1. Legs, arms and bodies are flying everywhere! Yulia seems to be getting the worst of it, but she is strong and determined to beat both other girls to a pulp.

Now we have our famous tennis player Anna's and she also loves to wrestle. Sexy beyond words she twists her body all over Misha. Good looking Misha has no answer for Anna's strength and agility. Anna' long ponytail flips into Misha's face time after time, taunting her to do something about it. This long and sexy match is a sight to behold. 60 minutes. Color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO29
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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