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European Catfights Video #30: Extreme Fighting
This is intense extreme fighting. Katia and Yulia raise their fists and start swinging Punch after ouch to all parts of the body brings 'smacks' that fill the air. When these 2 hellcats are not flailing away at each other they resort to vicious hair pulling that pulls them both to the floor. They kick at each other then go back to punching and hair pulling. This is one wild fight.

Rona, a stunning redhead, fights Katia in a grudge match. They fire punches away at each other with abandon. Rona loves to pinch the flesh of Katia and follow it up with some stinging shots to the side of the head. These girls are not trained fighters, but they make up for that with intensity. They stand toe to toe and swing at each other wildly. Rona ends up with a black eye and the 2 sexy girls flip each other off.

Daisy Duke shorts and extreme fighting. What a combination! Dora and Dee go after each other like wild women. Haymakers to the body and the face echo the flesh being smacked. They both like to kick as well, especially Dora. And kicking she does to all parts of Dee's body. They fight until they almost fall from exhaustion. Dora tries to rip Dee's short shorts right off her body. One girls finally gets control of the other and gives her a good beating.

Rona goes against Dee in this final fight. These girls clearly don't like each other and the way they fight shows it. While clutching and grabbing they wrap their bodies around each other in a fury. They roll over and over across the room, screaming in the process. They mutter curses and stare at each other with look to kill. Ultimately they both engage in breast grabbing until one cannot go on any longer. Terrific real fighting video. 60 minutes. Color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO30
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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