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European Catfights Video #31: Skimpy Slips - Skirts - Dresses
Abby the blond in a sexy pink slip fights Rosa in a white slip. They struggle back and forth wrapping each other's bodies around each other. Tits pop in and out as they try to overpower each other. They slap and scratch and Rose tries to pull Abby's blond hair out by the roots. Some ass grabbing and face mauling is thrown in as well. A sexy romp.

They insist on having a rematch and the fight gets dirty with vicious hairpulling and stinging face slapping. These 2 vixens are out to hurt each other and they end up doing so.

Tara hates Mia's micro skirt so she is out to make Mia pay for being a slut. Mia, however, turns the tables and sits on Tara's face with her micro skirt. Mia rides Tara like a cowgirl dry humping her over and over. By this point Tara is totally dominated.

Tara tries for revenge in the rematch but Mia will have nothing of it. She continues to smack Tara around the room until Tara cries out for mercy in defeat.

Gena and Tara literally jump into each other to start their catfight. Both are beautiful, sexy and in short skirts. Oh, and they both are vicious fighters as well. In both this fight and their rematch. They taunt each other and use every dirty female fighting tactic. Both girls love to be the aggressor and beat up each other. Gena, who thinks of herself as the prettiest woman around, is jealous of Tara and wants to make her ugly by clawing at her hair and face. When that isn't enough, she starts pounding away. A great fight. 60 minutes, color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO31
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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