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European Catfights Video #35: Topless Extreme Catfights
This video goes all out in nearly naked fighting. Yulia and Tami strip down to bikini bottoms and nothing else. Then on the signal they tear into one another in a vicious extreme fight. They flail away at each other's faces and pull hair out by the roots. On the floor Yulia punches away while Tami cries out for help. None was forthcoming. Tami takes the aggressor role and windmills slaps to Yulia's face. Yulia returns the favor and the two of them tangle on the floor. By the end each is battered and bruised.

In another catfight, long haired, well endowed Lonnie fights Yulia with a combination of hard punching and intense hair ripping and breast mauling. Well placed kicks find their mark and do significant damage. Up and down their bodies are thrown around the room until one is simple unable to continue. Vicious and real. 60 minutes, color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO35
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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