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Foreign Film Catfights Video #38: Classic Catfighting
Do you miss classic catfighting in movie scenes? You know, hairpulling, slapping, scratching, clothes ripping? We do. So we assembled a Foreign Film Catfight Video that emphasizes classic catfighting, the kind we all know and love. Check this out: 2 sexy blondes fight on a bed over a man, a blonde fights a long-legged native woman in long cocktail dresses, 2 Mexican hotties catfight in a nightclub, Geisha's from Japan tear each others clothes off, Asian girls fight only in bathrobes, you'll see a rare series of Middle Easters women catfight, German mud wrestling, Latin hottie hot heads roll on the floor, and to top it off a 9 minute topless/naked multi-girl classic catfight with stunning Japanese women hairpulling, scratching and clothes ripping their hearts out. This is one for the record books! 33 intense, wild scenes
Duration: 73 Minutes
Category: Film/Video
Product Code: FFC38
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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