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Russian Catfights Video #6
Two girls Tisha and Vera are to fight outside on the dirt. This blond and dark haired girl entangle, ouch and pull hair and they roll around on the dirt. They tangle their body parts and rip at each other hair in a furious struggle. They bounce off the log cabin and back onto the ground trying to get an advantage. Frustrated they finally start throwing punches until one finally gives up beaten and exhausted.

Redhead Gina attacks Anna with fists and nails, wildly going for the face and body with her punches. The 2 then engage in a slap fest grunting and groaning all along the way. The 2 pretty girls swing at each other with abandon trying to get each other on the ground. Gina gets Anna on the ground and tries to choke her to death. Back on their feet they resort to punching and slapping. Gina takes control and humiliates Anna until she can't stand it.

Anna was unhappy with losing the last fight so she wanted to fight again. She goes at Gina with a vengeance wanting to make her cry for mercy. Gina is strong and will not let Anna walk all over her. They start ripping at hair and clothes as they roll around in the dirt with the vixen Gina dishing out punishment over and over. This match is dirty in every sense of the word.

Trisha and Delia start their fight swinging wildly at each other. These two dark haired girls mean business. They progress to some vicious hair pulling as they bounce off the cabin and onto the ground. Over and over they roll getting filthy from the grit and grime on the ground. They pound away at each other and yelp when punches connect. A great fight between 2 girls who hate each other.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: RC06
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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