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Real Catfights Book #1 on CD (VP)

Digital Book - PDF on CD. Absolutely one of a kind, this exciting book contains over 100 pages of detailed eyewitness accounts of women fighting women as described by curious spectators, lovers, or the catfighters themselves. These wide ranging accounts vary in length from one or two paragraphs to several pages of carefully detailed, blow-by- blow descriptions.

Erotic, sensual, exciting, dangerous and unpredictable, catfights are unlike anything else on earth. Indeed, it is the "last taboo." Or as Phil from Los Angeles said, "Men fight more often but women fight more wild." Every catfight contained in REAL CATFIGHTS is deliciously raw and authentic.
Duration: 100 Page PDF
Category: Value Priced
Product Code: RCB01-CD
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DVD Price: $19.00 (+ shipping)

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