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Real Street Catfights Video #12: Extreme Outdoor Fights
Two girls in bikinis, sunning themselves in a park get into an argument and before you know it they are whaling away punches at one another. Georgia (the blond) takes a beating and is left almost knocked out on the grass by a fiery redheaded Tina. They go at each other again with windmill punches flying everywhere. Georgia gets beaten up again only to come back for more until she is knocked out cold.

After a card game where both girls cheated, Tina and Kate settle the matter by coming to blows. On the ground they grab on to each others' hair and simply won't let go. They grunt and groan like animals. A long, painful struggle on the grass ends with one girl crying out in pain. They follow this brutal fight with a fist fight until neither can continue.

This time topless Tina and Kate go at it again in a vicious fist & kick fight. One of the fighters takes a huge beating and then comes back for more. This is one of the most savage fights ever.

Georgia and Kate fight over a soccer ball when Georgia fires the ball at Kate from a few feet away hitting her in the face. This starts a huge fight where they each land shot after shot on the other's body. One starts to take most of the blows until she crumbles to her knees. This video is all top flight extreme action.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: RSC12
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