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Real Street Catfights Video #13: Topless Extreme Fighting
In this video we have an all topless extreme, real fighting collection with pretty girls throughout. In the first match, dark-haired Nora tangles with blond Peta. Their punches land everywhere from the waist up. They get on their knees and hold on with one arm and flail away with the other. They fight until their last breath in a non-stop match.

This fight is one of the best we have ever taped. Nora and stunning Ola had a mutual boyfriend and hate each other. This is the fight they wanted. No holds barred and a fight to the finish. The expressions on their faces say it all. They want to kill each other and nothing will stop them. Each does everything in their power to beat the other girl up and you just have to see this one to believe it.

Peta and fellow blond Dara sit on a sofa and get into a kicking, punching exchange. Before you know it they are on the floor in an all out brawl. Punches to the face, intense hair puling, bikini bottom pulling are just some of the stuff you'll see here. These 2 blonds are determined to top each other and eventually one of them does in decisive manner.

The final match has 2 luscious brunettes in what we like to call a 5 star match. That means (along with the Nora/Ola fight) one of the best fights we have ever taped. What would you want more than to see two beautiful women in a vicious fight without rules? Anna and Ola have a catfight to remember. These topless beauties get after each other like nobody's business. This fight is so terrific and so real you won't believe it or be able to take your eyes off of it. 60 minutes.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: RSC13
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