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College Girls Mud & Oil Wrestling Video #1 (VP)
This is a first for us. A video of wrestling with only college girls going at it. Not only that, but we made sure that all the girls were super pretty and dressed in bikinis, shorts or tight jeans. You will know one thing: These girls know how to fight and have the energy to really go after each other. You see intense fights at Spring Break at the University, from Hawaii, in a backyard kid's pool, on a muddy field, at a frat party, in front of a large crowd, on muddy grass, college girls wrestle from an English University and lots more. This is the mud/oil wrestling video you have been waiting for. 29 wild scenes, 63 minutes.
Duration: 63 Minutes
Category: Value Priced
Product Code: CGMO01
Download Price: $19.00
DVD Price: $19.00 (+ shipping)

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