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Cell Phone Catfights Video #28: Wide Screen
Simply a blockbuster. Cell phones are everywhere and they are taping catfights. We picked the ones that are wide screen for your enjoyment. And we're off: A catfight on a San Francisco street, college girls fight, chicks fight on a lawn, a catfight at a concert, 2 attractive blondes fight, a brawl under a bridge, a fistfight at night over a guy, a bikini beach brawl, a fight outside of a fancy bar in sexy clothes, Chinese women fight in the street, a brutal fight from Brazil, a ladies' fight in a Superstore, drunk friends go at it, drunk Russian women have a long catfight, fighting after dancing in a trendy nightclub, hot tempered Latin females go at it tooth and nail, and many sexy females fight like their life depended on it. Remember, all of these are wide screen as many have requested and you will not be disappointed.
Duration: 64 Minutes
Category: Amateur
Product Code: CPF28
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)

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