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Catfights on Amateur Video #108: Wild Locations
Catfights happen anywhere and this video proves it. Check this out: We have catfights from Nepal, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Russia, South Africa, England and of course many from the good old USA. You'll see catfights in short dresses, prostitutes in the street fighting, fights with multi-rounds, a bikini brawl on the beach, Russian girls fighting in China, student fights a teacher, an 8 minute catfight, a road rage catfight, parents go at it at kid's graduation, pretty girls fight, sexy drunk chicks fight, a tall, hot blonde goes crazy, a long fistfight, and a real topper, tall sexy women fight in the rain and mud where the dress rides up on one and the other is stripped topless. Whoa!
Duration: 61 Minutes
Category: Amateur
Product Code: ACV108
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)

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