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Catfights on Amateur Video -Special Edition #9
You wanted to see longer fights so here they are. You get to see the build up to fights, several rounds, aftermaths and long fights. These 100% real girl fights are ALL NEW and have a bloody school brawl, a hot blonde in a fistfight with a Mexican, black college girls fighting, 2 Polish girls hairpulling, a brutal fistfight, short chicks fighting, several fights in the snow, tall girls going at it, a Brazilian catfight, tops ripped doff, girls fighting in short-shorts, a fight at a concert, foreign girls going wild and you get the idea. This could not fit in a normal video so we packed it into almost 2 hours worth of hardcore catfighting. 40 real catfights, 1 hour & 41 minutes.
Duration: 101 Minutes
Category: Amateur Special
Product Code: AVSE09
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)

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