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Catfights on Amateur Video #127
Fasten your seat belts for this one. Look at this: Fighting naked in the street, in dresses with tops off, over a guy, on a dash cam, neighbors, on the Las Vegas Strip, 3 on 1 in short dresses, after the club out in the street, 2 on 2 sexy chicks, leggy brawl, fight in tight jeans, drunk outside a bar, Russian ladies, a pure fistfight, in a waiting room, out in the dirt, at a 7-11, in a ladies room, in a classroom, at an outdoor concert and you get the picture. Tons of real catfights with plenty of action that go nearly an hour and 1/2. Pure catfighting bliss.
Duration: 77 Minutes
Category: Amateur
Product Code: ACV127
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)

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