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Video Specials for January 2019

What a way to start a new year. We have for you 3 videos 90 minutes or longer and some super action catfights from around the world. Our Foreign Film Catfight Video by itself is worth the price of admission. Enjoy! Also, remember, we are still continuing to offer Special Package pricing or 3 for the price of 2 giveaways (see below).


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Foreign Film Catfights Video #77: Foreign Beauties
When you talk about pretty women fighting, that's the hottest. We looked high and low for these catfight scenes and came up with a bunch of them. A rare French film with whips, a catfight from an Italian Western, a Brazil carnival catfight scene, a nigh MORE +
Duration: 65 Minutes
Product Code: FFC77
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)
Special Requests Catfights Video #59: Catfights Galore
This video has it all. Check this out: Catfights from foreign commercials, brawls from reality shows, foreign film catfights including a hot Asian one, western catfights, foxy boxing, Japanese women's wrestling, sand wrestling with beauties, fighting on MORE +
Duration: 64 Minutes
Product Code: SRC59
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)
Catfights on Amateur Video #115: 50 Big Ones
There is so much here we don't know where to start. But we'll try: A Catfight with a top pulled off, a wild swinging fist fight, a bathroom beat down, a chick fight in the ladies' room, a brawl at a gas station is skimpy clothes, a bitch fight in underw MORE +
Duration: 61 Minutes
Product Code: ACV115
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)
Cell Phone Catfights Video #39: Electrified
We valued intensity in this video and it delivers. Look at these catfights: Fighting in skimpy clothes, a short female vs. a tall one, a catfight at a party, a fight over a guy, a multi-round fight, a fight in the middle of the street, sexy girls in bik MORE +
Duration: 63 Minutes
Product Code: CPF39
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)
Amateur Female Boxing Video #26 (VP)
This is a winner and a knockout. Get a load of these boxing matches: A mother fights her daughter, a match in an underground ring, best friends go at it, a boxing match in short-shorts, a wild match on the beach, sexy Latinas go at it, an amazing MORE +
Duration: 51 Minutes
Product Code: AFB27
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)
Cell Phone Catfights Video #17
This one is over the top. 55 wild and crazy girl fights. Here you go: A 2 on 2 catfight in the middle of the street, a girl fight by a lake in tight jeans, a hairpulling fight in front of a large crowd, neighbors fight on their front lawns... MORE +
Duration: 90 Minutes
Product Code: CPF17
Download Price: $19.00
DVD Price: $19.00 (+ shipping)
Brawling Chicks of Eastern Europe Video: Topless Edition
10 matches of Hot Topless Eastern European babes. Forget the ring. Forget the octagon. These girls go at it wherever they can. MORE +
Duration: 90 Minutes
Product Code: BCEE
Download Price: $19.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)
Russian Catfights Video #10: Topless Catfight Contests
This 1 hour video has just about every catfight contest imaginable... MORE +
Duration: 60 Minutes
Product Code: RC10
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)
Greatest Movie Catfights Video #46: New Films
This video has it all and then some. If you like sexy women fighting in out-of-control fights this video is for you.

25 sexy catfight scenes from new films, 62 minutes. MORE +
Duration: 62 Minutes
Product Code: GMC46
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)
Special Requests Catfights Video #38: Superlong
A full 2 hours of thrilling movie catfight scenes, both domestic and foreign, from your requests over the last year. MORE +
Duration: 120 Minutes
Product Code: SRC38
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)