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European Catfights Video #24
Misha and Kami in their bikini underwear start their fight by lying flat on the floor before springing into each other like cats. From hair locks to head locks they throw one another around the room. They scratch and claw then kick at each other. Kami puts a reverse choke hold on Misha as she yells, "Bitch" and screams in pain. They rip at their opponents' bras in an attempt to tear them off. Finally, Kami gets Misha to yell, "Stop!"

Anna and Tara spring into each other with abandon. They enjoy breast grabbing and each of their tops start to slip off and their breasts pop out. Not satisfied with grabbing tops and breasts the 2 girls start grabbing bikini bottoms. They hand fight and leg fight with Tara especially vicious as she attempts to crush the life out of Anna. A great fight.

Talia and Martina are high spirited vixens. As they tumble around the room they alternate hair and breast grabbing with full face clawing. Talia pounds her body up and down on Martina. One gives up and they resume their fighting almost immediately. Martina gets some revenge by ripping off Talia's top and clawing her breast with both hands. They struggle until they have nothing left to give.

Mora and Tasha go at it tooth and nail. It's fun watching them release their pent up emotion. Before you can say 'bingo' Mora's breasts pop out like 2 new moons. Tasha takes advantage of this and immediately sits on them. Mora is totally dominated by Tasha in one of the most one sided beatings ever. 60 min. Color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO24
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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