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European Catfights Video #34: Extreme Catfighting with Pretty Girls
In skimpy bikinis, Yulia and Monica start of mouthing off to each other then slapping each other in the face. They turn to hairpulling then punching. They go to the floor in a heap then the fighting really starts. There are some nasty knees to the stomach as Yulia tries to hurt Monica. A knee to the ass and a punch to the back KO's Monica.

Monica wants more however. In the 2nd round they come out flailing away punches all over each other. Monica tries hard, but she really takes some shots from an angry Yulia.

Monica still wants a piece of Yulia and goes at her one more time. Yulia, however, overpowers her with a brutal attack that leaves Monica near tears.

Mona in a 1 piece bathing suit fights Toni who is known for her temper. They waste no time as they trade heave punches right from the start. They roll over and over on the floor as they try to dominate each other. Resting briefly they fly at each other with wild punches then go to the ground with a thud.

In round 2 they go back to punching then classic catfighting on the ground. Tangled together they attack like wildcats. Back and fourth on and off the ground until one is so beaten up she can hardly stand.

They are still mad and go after each other again. In a tangle of legs they begin to rip at each h pother's swimsuits like they were paper. Exhausted and beaten up these 2 beauties both give each other obscene gestures at the end of their brawl.

Terri was challenged by Jo to a fist fight. Terri agrees and they go at each other with abandon. Tired of punching they kick at each other to cause damage. Terri is more vicious of the 2 and her punches to the face sting. Terri garbs Jo's shorts and tries to rip them off. Jo fights back but Terri is strong. They fight until exhaustion set in for both.

Mona and Jo look hot in their short-shorts. These are 2 gorgeous girls and they pack a wallop with their punches. These fighters mean business and as you watch them pound away at each other you get the picture. If you like pretty girls in a real fight this one is for you. 60 minutes, color.
Duration: 60 Minutes
Category: Real
Product Code: EURO34
Download Price: $29.00
DVD Price: $29.00 (+ shipping)

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