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Catfights on Amateur Video SE #29: Extreme
We decided to concentrate on extreme action in this Special Edition. Here's why: 2 Asian girls fighting in shorts, a catfight after school over a guy, 2 drunk chicks fighting outside a bar, a fist fight in a cafeteria, short dresses riding up during a girl fight, ladies fight in the middle of the street, hot blondes in shorts go at it, a catfight in multi-rounds, women in dresses fight after their boyfriends fight, hot women in cocktail dresses tear into each other, a handful of hair pulled out, amateur Roller Games chicks fight on the track and a lot more. Over the top!
Duration: 65 Minutes
Category: Amateur Special
Product Code: AVSE29
Download Price: $39.00
DVD Price: $49.00 (+ shipping)

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